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Wakonda Christian Church, like all Disciples of Christ churches, practices baptism by full immersion because it mirrors New Testament practice. In addition, Disciples see the use of the specific form of baptism, immersion, as powerfully symbolic. It recalls Jesus' own baptism; it acts out dying with Christ and emerging to new life. The person being baptized experiences the firm support of the community -- of the Body of Christ -- in the arms and hands of the minister, feels the plunge of commitment, and bursts into new life with the sound and feel of rushing water. At the conclusion of a Disciples baptism, the congregation is asked to pledge support of the newly-baptized person in her or his faith journey.

Disciples typically are baptized when they can express as a personal choice their desire to become part of the Body of Christ. Disciples call the practice Believer's Baptism. As the believer is immersed, he or she is baptized in the name of the Trinity. It is customary for the minister to use the words "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Infant dedication is a common Disciples tradition. A baby is brought into the environment of a loving church where parents and congregation pledge themselves to nurture the child in the love of Christ. An infant so dedicated confirms that dedication with a faith-response usually during the early teenage years, about the same time when many Disciples are baptized.

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