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Christian Spirituality is a way of life that relates who and what we are to who and what God is as revealed in Jesus Christ and as experienced through the Holy Spirit. We encourage one another in the spiritual disciplines, practices through which we open ourselves to being shaped by God. Those disciplines include prayer, Bible study, worship, stewardship, service, study of the church's tradition and hospitality to strangers. Our spiritual development ministries range from teaching children to love Jesus to helping adults live Christ-like lives.

Although each Disciples congregation has it's own personality, all have members who care for each other, opportunities to grow and learn, and ways to serve others. As churches grow in true community, members care deeply for one another. But true community also means reaching out to include others - encouraging the growth of a diverse community in which all are welcomed and cared for.

Disciples Minisitries don't stop at the front door of the church building. We work to make a difference in our neighborhoods and the wider community. As followers of Jesus we help in soup kitchens and food pantries, shelter the homeless and care for children. We "get dirty for Jesus," repairing homes and community centers, cleaning up after natural disasters and bringing hope where there is despair. Disciples facilities care for abused children and their families, persons with disabling conditions and senior adults. Our higher education institutions educate and train women and men for the ministry and for careers in other fields.

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